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Job boards provide no guarantee that you will find an individual that will fit your organisation, yet you are still required to pay an upfront fee for the service. AQ Talent only charge a fee once an individual is taken on by the organisation. Furthermore, you are still faced with the task of screening the vast amount of mixed talent that will apply for the position. AQ Talent undertake such a role, supplying our partner employers with a shortlist of the highest quality talent.
Having both partners on the ground within university circles and an expert team of recruiters in the office, we can quickly promote job positions to a vast pool of top talent. Once the talent has been sourced, our partners can screen them against specific criteria and have them put through an assessment centre within the week. With this said, we do not compromise when it comes to quality and therefore will not resort to putting forward talent of a sub-optimal standard to meet time pressures
All fees will vary depending upon the tailored service that we undertake, with a figure being fully agreed upon in a written contract prior to the undertaking of any work. The way that we are setup allows us to be very competitive on price. Please get in contact with a member of the team to discuss this further.
If for any reason you do not hire the applicants that we put forward there is no financial commitment on your behalf, resulting in a financially risk-free service.
We understand that sometimes you need to see an individual in action before you can be sure of their ability. We therefore provide a 30-day probation period whereby you can request a full refund if you terminate the individual’s employment contract.
We encourage our clients to be very specific about the talent that they require to grow their business, providing our team with a complete picture of their ideal candidate. With this said, we ask clients to understand that highly specific briefs can potentially take longer to fulfil.

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